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The course helped us to frame our work in a way that will enable us to demonstrate to funders, tenants and partners that we are delivering integrated environmental, social and economic wellbeing. Sharing our experience and learning from the other organisations was an important part of the course. It also helped me to think deeper about Melin and the role I play in the organisation.
Melin Homes Trisha Hoddinott, Melin Homes
Working with Cynnal Cymru has really helped us to get Sustainable Development on the agenda at a corporate level. The training workshop delivered to 50 University managers has been invaluable and 81% of our staff had a better understanding of sustainable development by the end of the workshop. 93% of our managers would recommend the workshop to others
Cardiff Metropolitan’s Sustainability Engagement Group

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Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales is launching the unique Sustain Wales Fund. The Fund is an expendable endowment Fund and will attract donations from any person or organisation with a vision for a sustainable Wales. Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales will contribute 10% of its surpluses to the Fund in addition to 10% of the revenue from the services provided; this is a major assurance to anyone engaging with Cynnal Cymru.
Contact Fund@cynnalcymru.com for more details.